Learn to Write a Great Travel Journal with these Tips

The writing f the Journal can store lots of memories

You will want the details of what you did and where but at the end of a trip,

Tips for Writing a Travel Journal

 Blog or book describes your taste whether you want to share your journal. If you travel with a laptop or tablet you can set one up a blog for free on Travel Pod or WordPress.com

You can make the documentary of your journey.  You can set up some pages of your journal. You can also write points so you can keep track of how your itinerary changes as you travel.

Writing every day, add small details, will help you maintain your momentum.     Documents no matter how small.

When you can sit down to write and think back over the day, mention all places you went, the food you ate, the people you met, and the things you learned.

Find your theme: Consider all the things that made you smile. You must also describe about the theme , changes, surprises  and write down about your learning process. This is the beginning of a great journal entry.


Expand on the theme. Once you have completed your short introduction. You should provide the details of the history or technology or your own potential – whatever it is that you learned. Describe what you thought before and after, why you changed your thinking,

You should write down in bullet points where you stayed, the name of that great book shop, you capture the details that you think will be important but don’t labor over the ordinary.

Go multimedia. Don’t be afraid to draft what you saw. Have glue with you so that you can add theater tickets, postcards or part of a brochure to make you pages interesting.

You can end with gratitude. You spent the day exploring a place other than home. You can compare what you observe identify what you’re grateful for in everyday life.