Easy Tips to Travel in Countries where you don’t know the Language

 There is a big difference between getting around France or Italy Where people mostly speak

Learn 10 basic words.

You would be surprised if are accomplish to speak basic words “Hello,” “Thank you,” “Yes,” “No,” “Please,” “Goodbye,” “Do you speak English?”, “Where is…?”, “I’m lost,” and “Help” If you have entered in a country without knowing any of these words,


Smile goes a long way in almost any country (except Russia)

Speak with hand gestures.

You can also convey your messages with your hand gestures Pointing, miming,

Carry a notepad and pen.

When the hands gestures are not useful to transfer your message to the stranger. You can draw pictures to make yourself understood. The other person can use your notepad to write numbers or draw a map.

 Use a translator app.

The traveler can also use their Google Translate app. You can Point the app’s camera at text and the app automatically translates it. If you start a conversation with someone,you can select languages, talk into the microphone, and the app translates whatever it hears in either language into the other.

 Have a plan for getting from the airport to your hotel.

When you arrive at airport, you should not go with the stranger. If you want to board on the /train or bus you can use English signage or recognizable icons to follow.

Ask the right people for directions.

If you are trying to take help, the person most likely to speak English and professionally dressed .But you can also take help walking into any hotel, restaurant, or store and asking an employee there for directions.

 Carry your hotel’s business card in the local language.

You can show the address to a taxi driver or to someone on the street.


Carry a paper map in the local language.

The hotel front desk gives out the maps. Ask the front desk staff to circle or highlight the places.

Ask your hotel caretaker to write down names and addresses.

You just ask the front desk staff to write the names in the local language, the names and addresses of the places on your agenda,

Use your smartphone camera to record your route.

You can use your smartphone to take pictures street signs or numbers, and building signs. These things serve as serve as landmarks along your path. So you can search out the roads via the photos.