Clever Space Saving Tips to Pack your Luggage


  1. The traveler should wrap your jeweler in between of two plastic wraps. It should prevent the things joined and mixed together,
  2. The traveler can also use pill case compartments or an old lip balm box to organize your smaller jewelry, like rings and earrings.
  3. Try to String the ends of a delicate necklace through avoid the chain from tangling.
  4. We should try to Keep track of small stud or earrings by binding the set through buttonholes otherwise it slipped them into your jewelllery box
  5. While packing the clothes it creases easily, keep the clothes inside the dry cleaning bag as fold. The plastic will prevent creases from setting in.
  6. To give more space to your luggage, try to roll it instead of fold the clothes .It will really take low space
  7. To maintain the shape of the bras, and save the space as well. You should stack be your bras on top of each other, and place your underwear inside It will maintain the bras shape as well as stuff can easily adjusted.
  8. We should keep away dirty sole from your clothes by stick them inside a shower cap.
  9. The pairs of socks Stuff that would not keep inside your shoes
  10. Try to fold your underwear instead of just wadding it up and stuffing it in your bag,
  11. You can also protect your delicate products by putting inside your bag as well as in little cloth bag.
  12. The breakable things can be keeping like perfumes by slipping them into socks before packing them.
  13. You can put hairpins and clips inside an old small box
  14. For a long weekend trip, keep the make- up products into a clean contact case for easy travel.
  15. To avert liquid products from bursting inside your bag, you should cut a plastic wrap, remove the product’s cover, set the plastic wrap on top, and twist the lid back on.
  16. To save the powder makeup products sticking cotton pad inside the compact before keeping in your bag.
  17. You should cover your razor by protecting cap otherwise sharp blades cut your finger when you open makeup bad.
  18. Use medicine bottle to store cotton swabs, sponges, or other disposable makeup applicators.
  19. Coat the cotton swabs with favorite eye shadow to use and put them in small box
  20. Keep your make brushes and others beauty products in sunglasses case