Dubai Activities – Top 7 Things to Do

Dubai is a popular city in the United Arab Emirates. Many tourists travel to this wonderful city every year with the hopes of trying many different things and seeing many new things while they are there. This article will provide a list of ten different things to do when traveling to Dubai.

dubai desert safari

1. Visit some hotels or resorts – Many resorts and hotels are located in Dubai, including some of the biggest ones in the whole entire world.

2. Visit the parks or malls – There are many different kinds of parks to visit when you are in Dubai, including one called Ski Dubai, which is a ski resort inside of the Mall of The Emirates! 

3. Go to a desert safariDesert Safari Dubai is a very popular thing to do in Dubai, and it lasts for about three hours on average. Many companies offer these desert tours of 90 mins – 3 hrs, which include snacks and a stop at a camp for dinner. Desert safaris are available in the morning, afternoon and night.

dubai desert safari

4. Go out to eat or order food to be delivered – There are many different kinds of restaurants located all over Dubai, including Indian, Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean, Mexican, and many, many more.

5. Check out the city from a hot air balloon – Many companies offer hot air balloon rides near Dubai, and it is something that must be seen to believe!

6. Go for a ride on a camel or horse – There are many different places where people can go to ride camels all around Dubai, including some popular locations such as the Camel Track Desert Race, Desert Palm Resort & Spa, and many others.

7. Go to the beach – Many people visit Dubai because of its pristine beaches and lovely weather, especially during January and February when it is winter in the northern hemisphere.

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