The Best Of Melbourne Experience

Melbourne’s multicultural and vibrant city is one of Australia’s most visited cities. The town’s urbanization, high-rise buildings, and beautiful architecture have made it one of the many tourist-friendly cities.

However, when visiting a new city, we want to avoid tourist scams or traps that can sink our money. Whether it is regarding hotel bookings, buying from local shops, or even visiting hyped attractions that are not worth the money.

We have created a list of some of the main tourist attractions worth the experience. So, when you fly into Melbourne, you have to face no losses.


National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne is known for its culture, and this gallery is the heart of it all. The public art gallery is one of the oldest and showcases over 70,000 artworks of diverse artists. Tourists can admire artists’ beautiful, profound, and moving art from Europe, America, Asia, and Oceanic countries.

The public art gallery was opened in 1968 in a building now known as The Great Hall. The gallery of Victoria is not limited to paintings on the wall but also holds digital illustrations. As a result, many famous paintings can be enjoyed in a 3D effect, with the details of the art moving along the brush strokes.

An even more fascinating fact about the National Gallery of Victoria is the glass ceiling. The glass is tinted and reflects the colors throughout the hall, which many individuals stop to enjoy by lying down right below it.

With traditional and contemporary art under one roof, there is always something new to discover at this public art gallery.

Federation Square

The ‘Fed Square’ was not famous amongst the locals when it was first commemorated in 2002, but since then, it has become an integral part of the city, is used as a landmark, is full of tourists, and holds many activities.

The popularity of the building is due to its avant-garde architecture. It is designed with many open and closed spaces, a fusion of futuristic and Victorian architecture. However, what attracts tourists is the entertainment that is always happening.

Many events such as talks, screenings, performances, or other activities are held here to attract the general public. It is often a popular site for such events since the building is opposite one of the busiest public transport and is bound to attract tourists and locals alike.

Whether you visit to admire the building or the performances, this tourist attraction is worth the visit!

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens will definitely make it to your must-visit list if you are a nature enthusiast. The garden is home to over 8,500 varying species of plants. In addition, its location is right on the city’s outskirts, so the visitors can peacefully enjoy their downtime.

The garden is full of vibrance, color, and flowery fragrance. It is an ideal place for picnic dates, a nature stroll, or even to relax and read your book in silence.

However, if you are allergic to flowers or plants, we suggest you skip this attraction.

Flinders, Collins, and Bourke Streets

While we do not advocate the habit of lavish and unnecessary spending of hard-earned money on shopping, we have to admit that the adrenaline rush from doing it is still unmatched.

If you are looking for a place to shop, these streets are your go-to place. The location is filled with designer brands, cosmetic brands, and shoe shops, and traditional and local shops are just as great.

The streets are visited to get chocolates, jewelry, and gifts for loved ones. Once you are done shopping, there are many fantastic cafes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy people watching.

The streets were first developed in the 19th century and still hold the architectural beauty of that time. So if you hope to witness Melbourne’s elegant yet quirky part, this would be the place!

Phillip Island

While going to the beach is a good option, a great idea would be to travel to Phillip Island. The location is 2.5 hours away from Melbourne, but it is the most lively and enjoyable island.

Every year, several festivals, concerts, and raves are held on the island. In addition, since it’s on the coastal line, it serves as a place for partying and enjoying the flowing water through surfing or swimming.

However, the island’s greatest attraction is the population of penguins and seals that share the space with humans. While the humans step away, the penguins and seals come out at night to the shore to melt your hearts with their tiny arms and a lovely walk.

National Sports Museum

As a sports enthusiast, visiting the National Sports Museum when you fly into Melbourne is a rite of passage. The museum is the holder of the most incredible memories in the history of sports. It is like a walk down memory lane where you can watch the highlights of any previous cricket or football match.

For a live experience, you can visit the world’s most incredible cricket ground and watch the action happen in real life. The sports history in Melbourne dates back to 1853, so it is no shock that the city is filled with sport-lovers.

Melbourne Skydeck

For a safe yet thrilling experience, the Melbourne Skydeck is a must-visit. Located on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, the Skydeck is a glass box that extends 3 meters outside of the side of the building.

From that point, you can enjoy sightseeing in the city below. However, if you are scared of heights, you might easily get freaked, especially when cracking the glass sounds.

The sound effect is only meant to scare the tourists and in no way harms the individual. But it is fun to pull their legs and have a laugh.

The Skydeck is exceptionally safe, but the risk is worth the experience.


By visiting only the locations worth visiting, you can save a lot of money by avoiding extra expenses or falling for scams. To prevent similar scamming in flight bookings, visit Cathay Pacific to get the best flights at the best rates.