The Best Roadtripping Experience In Western Australia

You want the best road tripping experience? Then summer is definitely the best time of the year to have it. Western Australia has wide arrays of thing to do to get an unforgettable road trip but nothing beats when you turn the windows down to feel the breeze rush in from your campervan hire in Perth. Your favorite playlist blasting through the speakers of your vehicle, as you watch the road and distance stretched out in a seemingly endless road.

The Best Roadtripping Experience In Western Australia

Australia is a very big country; undoubtedly, so there is no gain saying that you will definitely have a lot to do whether you want it to be just a Friday to Sunday weekend thing or a much longer period of time.

Between Sydney and Byron Bay: When you start from Perth and head east, the towns packed closely together is what makes the coast special. You get to visit awesome cafes and get a caffeine fix before you really venture into your trip. If you head north, you will see the best stop-ins and food spots at Seal Rocks and the National Park where you get to have the best brewed beers, cheesy burgers and see beautiful hand-made sculptures. The large plantation of locally grown blueberries in Coffs Harbor is a sight you shouldn’t think of missing.

Between Brisbane and Cairns, you will see stunning beaches and a drive up the coast at Queensland and the Eumundi market where there are local artistic talents that are being nurtured on a daily basis, sleek hinterlands and another great all-class beach at Noosa, the beautiful bushwalks that stretch through volcanic heights at the Glass House Mountain.

There is a possibility of moving straight from Perth to Broome. Driving through and checking out the coast is something you won’t ever regret checking out. The exquisite marine life of Exmouth, and the beautiful Karijini Park are also two places you should check out in the summer. If you know you have a thirst for adventures, one of the places your thirst can be quenched is the two billion years old Karijini Park. It has rock pools, waterfalls, narrow tunnels, and water ways and transports you into an ancient experience you have probably never seen. You can have refreshing swims in fresh waters, as well as picnic areas with a great camping site.

Tucked halfway between Port Headland and Broome is the 80 Mile Beach, led through directly by a dirt road and placed as a complete heaven around the Indian Ocean. It feature big campfires and on-site beach groovy and rocking parties. It’s just a stroll away from the Cable beach where you will watch the best view of the sunsets and spectacular view of the moon, stars and the sky at night.

The Litchfield National Park south of Darwin is a great crocodile-free swimming spot. The very popular Humpty Doo Tavern is one of the best bars around; you can get a few glasses of cold drinks before driving along and continuing your road trip. Through Alice Springs and Darwin generally is where you find the best water sports. If you love risky and thrilling water sports which features crocodiles, the Adelaide River Jumping Crocodile Tour is the place for you. You will ride in a boat and watch crocodiles jump up excitedly through the air for food! Further ahead at Katherine Gorge, there are breathtaking views and hidden safely tucked away swimming holes.

Deeper into Hobart, you will see so much that you will be tempted to drive the island for a long stretch of days non-stop.the Coal River Valley has great wineries for your perfect summer experience. At Port Arthur, you will see what remains of the prison cells of the ex-convict dwelling. There are more and more wine tasting spots as you go further into the Tamar Valley; where the wilderness is a fresh breath in the summer.

There are lots of sightseeing between Melbourne and Port Fairy; beginning with the legendary and unimaginable Great Ocean Road. Providing a spectacular and diverse view of places, cliffs and the ocean, you will get to see the sharp lined limestone layers called the Twelve Apostles. Your summer trip to Melbourne might not be complete without making a stop at Geelong, where you get fish and chips as you go through waterfronts and art exhibitions is the public.

You shouldn’t go back until you check out the rainforests of the Otway Ranges. You will get blissful and satisfactory campervan experiences with a view of the stars at night and the soothing sounds of the streams as they flow gently at night.

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