Science helps you to save Fuel for your Road Trip

There are many tips when you are board on the journey the road trip.

1-Use the right car for the trip

 The rental car company first offered me an “upgrade” to a minivan, presumably because more space is supposed to be a good thing; however you can enjoy your trip use the most fuel-efficient car that will fit your stuff.

2—slow down

Ehen you are on the road trip every traveler wants to enjoy the good scenes of nature. When you go with the high speed you probably missing out on some surprising views and nature scene So in this way you’re also wasting fuel. Your car is optimized for somewhere around 55-60 miles per hour.

3—Turn off cruise control (on hills)

Once you are on a long drive ,you might be tempted to use the cruise control—but if you are driving through the rolling landscape, don’t. It will not only does it allow you to pay less attention to driving, which is suboptimal for safety, the cruise control on most cars is a surefire way to waste fuel on anything


Five fuel-efficient driving techniques:  accelerate gently, maintain a steady speed, anticipate traffic, avoid high speeds, and coast to decelerate.

4—Lose weight

The weight reduction is a strategy many manufacturers are using right now to improve the fuel economy of new vehicles. The same basic concept applies to any vehicle. Weight = energy You can leave the excess baggage at home.

5—keep those tires filled properly

You should maintain your vehicle is critical. While some newer models make monitoring tires pretty idiot-proof by providing pressure monitors and even honking at you to prevent over inflation, take the time to make sure your tires are inflated properly before the trip. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is safer, and it also saves fuel.

6—Roll down the windows

If you are Cooped up in the car all day, it’s important to be comfortable. Many folks default to using the A/C as soon as it gets hot out.

7—don’t be idle

It’s a common practice to turn on the car on a very hot or very cold day to get the climate control system ready, either the A/C compressor cranking out ultra-cold air or getting the engine block nice and warm to crank the heat. Slow down and enjoy yourself.

8—have fun

Road trips are a great blessing for a traveler. You can enjoy some new sights with people you care about can be a great, relatively cheap vacation. You can also have fun and save fuel, and relaxed driver, brake or accelerate quickly, wasting precious fuel.

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