Tips to Hire the Perfect Tour Guide

The expert travel guide fully knows the new locations and explores the new worlds and directions. It is quite rewarding and enlightening to travel with the expert guide

Whether you are staying the short time absolute best way to maximize your experience and enjoyment is by hiring an experienced tour guide.

The guide should be passionate about being a tour guide.


 They are experienced

A great tour guide must have field related study. The well experienced guide easily manage tours and groups so that powerful shared experiences and memories are made..

They are respected and knowledgeable.      

The field study education and the experience is the striking point .A great tour guide is a bridge between you and their countries and the communities you will visit. They get aware of the knowledge of history the landscape and the people will prove precious to any sharp traveler.

Many tour guides simply rattle off history that they have learned from their tour guide training which can be very dry. Does your tour guide have personal stories or history that can make their history lesson come alive?

 They listen as much as they speak.

Many tour guides stick very closely with the itineraries available to them, often they can be an oasis of order and calm in a travel calamity. But a great tour guide listens as much as they speak. Meaning they will seek to get to know you as a person and not just a tourist. They realise that to deliver the best experience possible they have to get clear about your travel goals and your personality.

Do you love history or do you crave live experiences.

Are you a party animal or do you want to engage in more meaningful activities.

Do you want to experience the finest things in life or do you want to get real and authentic with the locals?

A great tourist guide will seek to create a travel experience that caters to you.

hey have excellent personal skills

As we said before a great tourist guide is more than just historical facts and a walking translator they are fellow travellers. It’s important that you get to know your travel guide, learn about what you’re passionate about and your story. Because a great tour guide will seek to do the same.

Having a tour guide you can trust, who is in control and in their elements allows you to relax and enjoy the ride. All our guides at Hands On Journey’s have excellent personal skills.

They know how to have fun!

Every tour guide is different but the tour guides at Hands On Journeys know how to have fun. In Cambodia we have guides who know how to break out the dance moves in Pub Street! In Vietnam be aware that our guides know how to mix potent local drinks of Rice wine!

In periods of long travel a great guide can regale get stories, start running jokes and greet you with the warmest of smiles.

They seek to inspire and give back.

We believe our tour guides at Hands On Journeys are some of the most special. They are excellent at what they do but its also what they do off the job that will inspire you. Our tour guides also spend a few days each month giving back to visiting and working with communities. This fits exactly into the ethos of Hands on Journeys of travelling, inspiring and giving back.


Some of our guides work in hospitals of the physically challenged, others go into remote mountain communities and spend time doing important charity work and others take care of impoverished communities and stay connected with the ongoing projects Hands On Journeys conduct there.

If you are seeking to be a truly worldly traveller it’s important you have the right guides by your side. At Hands on Journeys we’re so proud and inspired by our guides, who love their countries and the people who visit them. Why not come along and meet one them with us?