Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Here in Chiang Mai in the Elephant Sanctuary we receive rescued and retired elephants and we place them in an area that reassembles their natural environment. This ecotourism project is located at 45 kilometers from Chiang Mai. And was founded in 2015.

Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Our mission is to provide this elephants with a nice place to live, where they can enjoy freedom and good health.
Our hope is that we serve as an example and to educate the tourists that come to the site.

We offer you the best and most unique experience at the Elephant sanctuary, you will have the chance to see a different side of the elephants, where you will interact with free and happy elephants. They are part of our family so there is no need to control of harm them.

They are only trained by our Mahout with love and respect.

This package offers you the opportunity to make a truly remarkable bond with this noble animals, experience a full day with the elephants where you will learn all you need to know about their life and how to take care of them. An example here of Elephant Sanctuary tour itinerary at Chiang Mai.

8.30 am. We will pick you up right from your accommodation in Chiang Mai.
09.00 A.M. A 50 minute drive in our fully equipped van though the hills and forests of north Thailand.
10.00 A.M. Arrive at Elephant Sanctuary, we will provide a change of clothes of traditional vesture.
10.30 A.M. First we will prepare their fruity meal, and then you are free to freed, play, touch, and interact in any way with the elephants. We want visitors to spend as much time as possible with them.
12.00 A.M. Lunch at our exquisite restaurant.
13.00 P.M. We will prepare a special local recipe made of sticky rice and herbs for the elephants, and you will learn about their lifestyles and behaviours.
14.00 P.M. You will have even more time to play and roam around, as well as bathing with the baby elephants. You will feed them the sticky rice balls and the freshly cut fruit. Don’t forget to take amazing pictures!
15.00 pm. Snack break.
You will leave Elephant Sanctuary with an amazing experience and will arrive after a 40 or 50 minute drive back to Chiang Mai. Where we will drop you off at your hotel.

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