Popular Activities in Alanya with Professional Guide

People who plan their vacation now prefer to stay away from classic vacation plans because the things that are done at the place where you go on vacation are mostly similar. As a result, a large number of people now want to choose from tours that are tailored to the greatest extent possible, rather than the classic holiday concept. People who want to have a holiday in Alanya excursions will come across quite different tours in this regard.


Alanya Diving Tour

Those who want to see all the underwater beauties in the Mediterranean will be able to fulfill these requests easily with Alanya diving tour. Participants that will be picked up from the hotel will then have all the information required by specialized diving instructors. The diving tour takes place around the sea caves under Alanya Castle.

Alanya Fishing Tour

Fishing is quite a pleasure for many people. Alanya fishing tour aims to fulfill their wishes in the most effective and enjoyable way. With this tour there are participants who want to fish and swim and fulfill their wishes. Participants who will be brought to the marina from their hotels will then be brought to the new marina in Alanya. Afterwards, with the special fishing boat, we will move to the point where there are too many fish.

Alanya Turkish Night Tour

Alanya, which has quite different beauties, manages to attract many people. Especially tourists coming from abroad will have enjoyable moments with tours like Alanya Turkish Night Tour. This tour, which is being prepared by professional teams, includes different surprises such as folk dance, fire show and oriental.