Lipa Cave: An Unforgettable Cave Experience

It is very much strange that a dog was discovered this cave when he fell in a large cavity between the rocks. The dog got out safely and successfully from a small opening in nearby rocks. It was the time when local people tried to explore this underground beauty.

Lipa Cave

To enjoy the tour at this cave, there are three possible packages: the family visit for 7€, adventure visit for 20€ and full visit for 50€. Most people choose full visit that takes about one and half hours and with this package, you can explore more or less one kilometer cave hall and other galleries.

The main transport to reach the entrance is by train and there is available friendly English speaker guides. There is rocky surface and low temperature (8 to 12°C) inside. So, visitors are advised to wear rubber boots, a head covering with head lamp and a coat. You may also take these items in your own bag.

After entrance with very cold wind, keep walking 400 m on an easy trail to first hall having inspiring stones hanging on roof. At rear of this hall, there is a gate – the way to actual cave adventure. Seeking this real part of Lipa cave is a most unbelievable experience. Such a cave attractions are very uncommon in the world that is available in Lipa Cave Montenegro.

Do you know for which reason, it is really so much impressive? Enjoying walk in water and mud, going up on the smooth underground high rocks and walking from narrow and low passages, you enjoy the feelings like you’re actually a speleologist and you are the first who discover this cave. It is fully dark inside and there is not track to walk. Rocks projected upward from roof in different forms and sizes create big shadow on wall.