All You Need To Know About The Spicejet Loyalty Program (Updated 2021)

Earlier, flight travel was considered a luxury. But with this growing economy, more people are investing in air travel because it is the most convenient way to go to a far destination. Many airline services have come into being for making the process of transportation and communication between different parts of the world easier. Since money is an important factor to decide upon flight booking, Spicejet too has come up with a loyalty program for its frequent flyers.

Regarded as a budget airline, Spicejet provides its passengers with rewards that they can use on their air travel. This rewarding program attracts its first-time travellers and lures them to Spicejet flight booking every time they plan a trip. Spicejet’s loyalty programme is known as SpiceClub which is the fastest rewarding frequent flyer programme in India. Loyalty programmes on travel can help you save money and also can offer unexpected deals that you may not afford on normal occasions. By signing up for the Spicejet loyalty program – SpiceClub, you can avail yourself of a wide array of benefits and privileges including complimentary meals, free cancellations and priority check-in along with enjoying free flights (if you are lucky). But, before booking your air ticket to any destination, you need to know about the prospect of the Spicejet loyalty program. So, let’s begin.

All You Need To Know About The Spicejet Loyalty Program (Updated 2021)

Free flight vouchers             

Spicejet is one of the leading airline companies that offer various privileges to the customers if they sign up for their membership program, SpiceClub. A frequent flyer of Spicejet can be subject to any of the tiers of the 4-tiered loyalty program that includes Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Once you become a part of the frequent flyer program of Spicejet, you can get flight vouchers worth Rs. 3000, Rs.5000 and Rs. 10000. You can either redeem the cash from vouchers or you can travel for free if you have booked 10 flight travels with Spicejet before.

Complimentary upgrades

By signing up with the loyalty program of Spicejet, passengers can avail complimentary upgrades. This 4-tiered membership program features a different upgrade for different levels. The upgrades of the classic level may not be similar to that of the Platinum level since the subscription rates of these levels vary from one another. Clubbing it all together, SpiceClub offers a comfortable seating lounge, priority check-in and even welcome drinks and snacks on your air travel. But here’s a catch. You have to be a frequent flyer of Spicejet and must earn 4 complimentary upgrade vouchers to redeem the upgrades. So, fly frequently with Spicejet flights and also sign up for their SpiceClub membership to avail of this opportunity.

Free seat selection 

Which one do you prefer, window or aisle? With Spicejet, you can choose your favourite seat and enjoy the next couple of hours in the air. The easy-to-understand seat mapping of Spicejet airlines helps passengers to select their seats in advance so that they can carry on planning the next part of their trip. You should never wait for a last-minute selection as you might end up losing your favourite seat. But if you sign up for the loyalty program of Spicejet, you can get your favourite seat even at the last minute. Often airlines reserve some of the best seats for their loyal members. Thus, if you are a SpiceClub loyal member, that is if you travel frequently with Spicejet flights, then you can grab your aisle or window seat last-minute like a pro!

Priority check-in

You can make your way quickly to the security screening than the rest of the passengers if you sign up for the membership program of Spicejet. Yes, this is a perk if you travel business class. All you have to do is wait till you get the short-cut passage to the security. But, with a membership program, you can secure this prestigious position and can board on the plane before anyone else. You can skip the long queue and get free access to the priority check-in along with your luggage.

Free change/cancellation

You don’t know what can come in your way. Even after planning out your perfect trip, you might not make it till the end. At this point, you might wonder if you can secure a full refund on flight ticket cancellation. Some airlines though have lenient cancellation policies. But in case you cancel a flight last minute, you might be asked to pay a sum of money as compensation. However, if you sign up for the loyalty program of Spicejet, you can get full cancellation even at the last minute. All you have to do is become a frequent flyer of Spicejet and sign up for SpiceClub. You can get up to 2 free cancellations in a year.

Spicejet as the leading budget airline can offer you a comfortable journey to your desired destination. By registering with the loyalty program of the airline, you can ace up your travel experience. So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your travel with the Spicejet loyalty program!