You’re next Traveling Destination

You’ve made the decision you want to travel more this year. Experiences are more important than possessions and you’ve put together a plan to start saving for your next big trip.

But how are you going to decide where to actually go?

Budget and time will undoubtedly play a part in the decision making process

You want to go EVERYWHERE and explore as much of the world as possible


How to choose your travel destinations

You can get found suspiciously cheap flights to land over the is safe and book that flight! Sometimes you’ll have the best adventures in places you can’t pronounce.

  1. Be creative

You want to travel to a certain destination but flights are really expensive.Find an alternative.

  1. Consider the underdog

Every country has a ‘second city’ and it’s often a much cheaper and a more unique alternative to the capital city.

  1. be decisive

You’ve found a place you want to go. Book it now. Go on, book it. Don’t think about it for 3 weeks

  1. Ask yourself ‘why’?

Why do you want to travel? Do you want to relax, have fun with your mates, reconnect with a loved one, switch off from work, learn something new, get a tan or have an adventure?

  1. Remember, remember…

You’ll only regret the things you didn’t do.

  1. Safe choices aren’t bad choices

You should choose the save where there is no symptoms of violation.

  1. Go Solo

Somewhere you REALLY want to go but no one wants to go with you? go solo!

  1. Don’t dismiss your own backyard

Who said travelling has to include long flights? Search a little closer to home,

  1. There’s always a budget option

Don’t let your budget stop you from travelling somewhere.

You should keep in mind what kind of the travel you are looking for and start your search

Where to look for travel inspiration

This is the time to get yourself a giant pot of tea or coffee, crack open the Chocolate Hob Nobs and spend a weekend surrounded by books, magazines and your laptop.

Accommodation vs Destination?

Travel Bloggers

travel blogs is the best way to find travel inspiration.


I’m a magazine addict and I’ll pick up a travel magazine virtually every time I get on a train.

Travel for a festival

If you’ve always been saying you’d love to travel for a particular festival or event