Read this Controversial Article and Find out More about Everest Trekking Adventure

Many of us dream about trekking to Everest much sooner than we go. Trekking to Everest Base Camp have astonishing experience and on the off chance that you can just pick to  trek in Khumbu, Nepal,  you made the best choice to awesome adventure.

Here are a couple of basic tips that will enhance your general experience and save you time and cash.

The most essential thing to bring is a decent match of trekking shoes that you have walked with already and garment. Kathmandu is an incredible spot to purchase trekking garments and shoes that are both cheap and of tolerable quality. However, if you cannot bring your own, you can rent one at a discount rate per day.

Get a Good Sleeping Materials– You will most likely be overwhelmed at how the trekking might be, however you need go along with your decent sleeping materials to always get awesome night rest.


Get ready for Cold and Rain – If it’s sunny you may be amazed at how warm it can get during the day. Most trekkers wear shirts and shorts for the initial few days while the elevation is still low. At the point when the sun sets, the temperatures drop fast. Get a warm cap for sleeping, bottle filled with hot water and keep it in your sleeping bag to stay warm. Regardless of the fact that it would seem that the day is sunny, make a point to convey a cape in your day pack.

Stay Hydrated – Make beyond any doubt to drink a lot of water while on the trail and dependably keep a full jug as an extra. You can purchase filtered water from a large number of the tea houses during the day. Another option is to bring chlorine or iodine tablets and fill your jug from the nearby streams. Request that your guide should point you in the right direction on this as most towns have a naturally acknowledged drinking water source that ordinarily leaves a funnel or hose along the trail.

Dress in Layers – Layering permits you to effectively control your body temperature and stay comfortable while trekking. It’s far superior if your layers have zippers so you have much more control of your body temperature

Try not to rely on the ATM – There are a lot of ATM in Kathmandu so getting money before the trek ought not to be an issue. But in some instances, you may need money where ATM is not available or seems to have a problem. So the best option is to hold extra money with you.

Arrange Extra Days toward the End – If you have any additional days in Nepal, then plan them toward the end of your trek and not the starting. Severe climate condition can defer the flights going back to Kathmandu. In the event that you were held up as a result of terrible climate; it’s best not to have an international flight going out the following day.

Go with an Established Tour Company – You most likely want the trek to be as memorable as it could be, so I pitched this in here.  Due to terrible climate which might restricts the number of flight going out after trekking. It is important to let you know that it is essential to go with an established tour company.


Having a tour to Everest Base Camp, Nepal has been the dream of many including me since I was a kid. With the tips above, you are at a greater chance to trek through footsteps of legendary adventures and mountaineer. And keep a notable experience for life.

These unique tips were provided by Balaram Thapa, Nepal Hiking Team member, a foremost tour and trekking agency throughout Kathmandu, Nepal. You are free to contact him through email: or phone: 0977 014389212 (Balaram Thapa)

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