Beyond the Okavango Delta- Where to Go

You will have a better Botswana safari experience if you go beyond the Okavango. The Delta is also better appreciated when you travel beyond the Okavango. The unique environment that Okavango exists in – the Kalahari Desert – is what makes it so special.

You will soon be able to see the abundance of safari experiences available for your itinerary if you consider the context within which the Okavango Delta is situated. We offer a glimpse of what lies beyond Okavango and the best places in Botswana to visit with your Delta safari.


To the east are the striking makgadikgadi sal flats and the Kalahari desert’s vast plains. To the north is the Linyanti and Kwando rivers system. Chobe National Park lies to the east, which is well-known as a safari destination, particularly along the riverfront. However, fewer people travel as far south as Savute, which provides some of the best game viewing in the country. In Botswana’s eastern corner lies a hidden gem: the Tuli Block & Mashatu Game Reserve. These camps offer exceptional game viewing in stunning environments and unique activities, and at a more affordable rate.

Northern Botswana has a wide range of safari options that complement Okavango’s Okavango Safari. Many areas also have similar eco-systems, which support the same wildlife. This will enhance your Okavango experience. Other areas are quite different and can offer a fascinating contrast to your safari experience.

Most Okavango visitors have traveled great distances to get to its rich reserves. We are aware that many of them would like to explore more of the Okavango as part of their trip. Based on your interests, we can help you plan how to make the most of your time in Botswana.

Below is a summary of the top places you should visit during your Okavango Delta trip.


Other areas in northern Botswana have very similar eco-systems as the Okavango. These also feature river systems that are similar to the Delta. Many visitors to certain camps wouldn’t be able tell the difference. Both areas are fascinating and subtle, so if you have the time and budget to visit both, it can enhance your safari itinerary.

The Linyanti, Kwando, and Selinda Reserves are located immediately to the east of Okavango. These areas offer a similar safari experience, but often with fewer camps. These areas are home to some of Botswana’s most prestigious camps

Kwando Reserve is located in the north of Botswana and directly north of Okavango Delta. This vast reserve, which forms Botswana’s natural border with Namibia and Namibia, is 232,000 hectares in size. It has only two safari camps, Lagoon Camp or Lebala Camp. While people are scarce here, animals aren’t.

The Kwando River flows east, becoming the Linyanti River (and then the Chobe River). Linyanti Reserve covers an incredible 1,250 km2 and only 5 camps. While some camps are located along the river (e.g., the luxury camps of Kings Pool, Duma Tau, and Little Duma), others are further south (e.g., Savuti Camp) that offer a more dry safari experience comparable to the Savuti area.

The Selinda Reserve is located between the Okavango Reserve and Kwando Reserve – the Selinda Spillway connects the Okavango-Linyanti river system when it flows. The reserve covers 130 000 hectares and is rich in wildlife. It also offers a great safari experience in the dry season. There are three lodges in the area: the Selinda Camp, Zarafa Camp, and the more rustic Selinda Explorers & Selinda Pioneers.

Many safari-goers consider these remote, wild and exclusive reserves to be the best places to visit Botswana.