3 Reasons that Makes a Greeting Card Still Heartwarming

Do you want to convey a personal messaging? You want it to be special and touching? You can try but a text message or email wont have the same impact as compared to a customized card. Yes, they may be outdate but aren’t completely out of the game. If you don’t think a greeting card can win hearts, you need to read the following!


It May Decorate Someone’s Wall

Even though this is the age of internet, sending a customized postcard can make someone feel special. The greeting card helps both receiver and sender to connect like nothing else. Have you ever seen someone printing an email and hanging on his wall? It never happens!

A customized card always end up hanging on a wall, it never gets tossed to the trash bin. The creative effort always makes the receiver feel special.

The Personal Touch

You can spend hours to draft the perfect email or text, but it will never be as special as sending a greeting card online.  The receiver will always value your effort and value, especially if you wrote a message inside. They will feel the emotion emanating from the postcard. If you want to hit someone up and have a real in depth conversation.

Sending a postcard online is always more effective than just poking around and hitting someone on Facebook or something else.



Greeting card online generates positive and high response. The address panel already has the name and address. You can improve the fuzz by customizing your card a little bit. There are a whole lot of designs available. If you don’t know where to start, try MyPostCard, they have a wide variety of designs and templates to choose from.

Pick up a template, images and quotes, make sure they blend well together. You want to create a masterpiece, not create a visual mess. So carefully pick each element and make sure it suits the message you want to convey.