All You Need To Know About US Citizenship Program & Us Green Card

Having trouble making any difference between a US citizen and a green card holder? If so, we’ll let you know how these two terms are completely different from each other. It may sound similar to anyone living outside America who doesn’t have enough knowledge of US state laws.


What is a US CITIZEN?

One who is born in America or outside to US citizen parents has the right to apply for us citizenship programs. There’re heaps of benefits a US citizen can enjoy compared to a green card holder. Being born to US citizen parents is the main thing making anyone a US citizen. However, a green card holder or permanent resident can also apply for US Citizenship program after spending a specific period of time in United States.

There’re lots of countries requiring no visa for US citizens, making it easier for them to go and freely travel abroad without any hurdle.

US Green Card or Permanent Resident

A permanent resident is given a special right to live in United States of America indefinitely. They can be seen with a Photo Identification Card called US Green Card to verify their status. These green card holders can work freely in the USA and have the ability to request for US Green Card for other family members like spouse & unmarried children.

Green card holders can own other country’s nationality and there’s no restriction on it. They have to keep their passport along with US green card every time they tend to travel outside USA. They’ll also need to prove their status while reentering USA.

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