Top 6 Tools for Website Name Ideas

One of the important factors to determine a business’s success is its name. Normally, it has to sound fantastic and interesting to make it appealing to the market. Now, as the internet dimension grows wider and bigger, the need to put up a website is slowly being recognized not just to conform to the trend but because of the reality that the internet is really sharing an incredibly free and easy access to target market across the globe.


Joining the virtual world, however, is not as simple as it seems. It is as much imperative to choose a website name that is both striking and meaningful. And if worse happens, the catchy and worthy  name you had spent quite a long time to arrive at ends up being already taken and will leave you back to more searching. While it is advisable to come up of a name out of your creative juices, businessmen like you does not always have the luxury of time for these things. If this happens, options left are first, may pay for a professional to give you a name, and second, you may make use of online tools’ suggested names. Either way, you are surely going to spend a dime for it. If you choose the latter, below are some tools for website name ideas that you might want to check out:

* NameStall – This tool is packed with a variety of facilities designed to help you in searching for the right domain name. One of these facilities is the domain name generator tool where you will be keying in  a keyword and then the system filters out results depending on what you need. Normally, the keyword is put at the beginning of the name but you can still put it at the end. However, the search results may be taken or not so make sure you have your chosen name registered as soon as you can. NameStall not only suggests website names but also enables you to search domains and high flying keywords.

* Cool Name Ideas – This tool is designed to check whether the name you inputted has been taken or not. What makes it different from the others is that it can allow you to choose filters according to your customer base and the size of your business with a goal of finding the most accurate name that matches to your business. Also, it has an advanced options that will enable you to search for keywords that you have chosen.

* Name Tumbler –  This simple website name suggestion tool not only gathers names suggestions for your website but can also make changes to the name that you already have. At the same time, you can combine your keywords with other suggestions to find the perfect name for your business. To sum up, this tool looks for names by tumbling on them.

* Instant Domain Search – Just like the other tools, Instant Domain Search informs you if the domain you have inputted is still available or not. If it is taken, the tool will automatically offer you other suggestions that you can use in leiu of what you originally wanted. They also show names auctioned that are ready for purchase through the links specified in the interface. They say this is one of the best tools for website name ideas ever made.


* Bust A Name – This tool is known to offer several suggestions for a website name. Amongst the tools discussed in this article, this tool is the only one that enables users to add multiple keywords and see if there are any available names that can be created out of them.

* Domains Boot – With this tool, when you search for niche based keyword names, you will be provided with a long list of suggestions together with their prices. It also provides facility for users to purchase names using various links specified on the page.

With the tools mentioned above, it should no more be a problem to arrive at a right name for your business.

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