How Much Money to Take for Your Destination

This will depend on your goals, interests, outings and purchases.

Based on all your research, you will certainly be able to find in your records the values of meals in restaurants, tickets for transportation, entrances to attractions etc.

The important thing at this point to better plan trips is to make a budget based on your main expenses. For this, use travel planning with free Travegeo travel planner to choose your favorite destination and travel mode. This way  you can plan your travel according to your pocket without any limit.

How Much Money to Take for Your Destination

The mathematical operation to stipulate an average amount to be spent is:

  • Multiply the number of travel days by the average daily value for:
  • The number of meals you intend to have in the chosen restaurants;
  • The number of trips you intend to make according to the costs of the means of transport;
  • Add to this number all the amounts you intend to pay to visit attractions, tourist taxes and the amount reserved for personal purchases.

Don’t forget the emergency reserve: Of course, you will not consider this result to be accurate in defining your entire financial planning.

Think about taking 1/3 more than the planned amount for cash and make sure your credit card has a limit available to cover any major expenses.

Also, do not keep all your money in one place to avoid inconvenience caused by lost luggage or theft.

Currency exchange

The main tip in this topic is: before doing currency exchange, check the Central Bank website.

A tool is available on the website that shows the traveler the best exchange rate found to buy and sell foreign currency.

Use of credit card, debit card, prepaid card or cash?

Remember that the IOF (tax on financial transactions) will apply to purchases made abroad.

But that shouldn’t define your strategy when planning trips. Remember the convenience of using a credit card, the need to have money to pay for transportation or for emergencies and that many places only accept one of the aforementioned forms of payment.