Historic Fill for New York

The “Brownfield and Contaminated Site Remediation Act” (N.J.S.A. 58:10B-1 et seq.) needs the Department of Environmental Protection to guide regions of the state anywhere vast varieties of historic fill NY and make this data available for people in general.

These maps demonstrate varieties of memorable fill cover more than around 5 units of land. For the details for these maps, distinguished fill is non original physical put in on a site in appeal to raise the topographic elevation of the site.


No representation is made with respects to the preparation of the fill or immediacy of violation in the historic fill NY. A few areas mapped as fill might cover multiple creation waste or metallic handling waste that reject them from the managerial sense of unforgettable fill.

Fill was mapped from stereophonic ethereal taking pictures in March 1979, added in spots by plan metric airborne shooting taken in the spring season of 1991 and 1992.

Extra regions of fill were charted by watching at zones of bog, swamp, and plain appeared on chronicled topographic and geologic maps on text at the N. J. Physical Survey, dated anywhere about 1840 and 1910, to their wounding advantage grade. In somewhere, fill was mapped from field insights and from drillers’ logs of shafts and borings.

Most urban and rural territories are underlain by an irregular layer of unearthed indigenous soil blended with changing measures of non-indigenous material. The enviro-disposal.com is the best solution for the urban fill NY and providing the best available solution for such situations.

This material for the most part does not encounter the connotation of notable fill and is not delineated on these maps. Likewise, there might be distinguished fills that are not perceivable on flying taking pictures or by documented guide conversion as are not appeared on these maps, particularly along streams in urban and rural areas.