Educational Vacations for Families

When planning a vacation, many parents today seek to go beyond the regular idea of going on holiday to offer their children an experience that is more educational while still being fun and inspiring. There are great opportunities for learning outside the classroom and when it can be done in the context of a family trip to another country, it offers an experience that helps to unite the family in a joint activity that combines sightseeing and fun activities with learning about cultures and ways of life that offer insight into their own way of life.


One such vacation option is offered by Yanapuma Spanish School in Ecuador. The school receives families of varying sizes and age ranges, with children as young as 3 joining their older siblings in Spanish classes for a couple of hours each day before going off to explore the history and culture of Ecuador. While the parents take classes together or as part of other groups, the children study Spanish with their own teacher who specializes in working with younger students and who has materials and resources on hand to keep them engaged and learning.

Yanapuma Spanish School has two locations – cosmopolitan and capital city Quito, and tranquil and colonial Cuenca in the south of the country. Both schools are located in the historic centers of these cities and both offer a wealth of activities to explore their deep culture and history.

Typically after a week or two of classs and other activities, a family may choose to travel to the Amazon region for a few days to experience the rain forest environment. They may also organize a trip to the incredible Galapagos Islands. Yanapuma has its own travel agency – True Ecuador Travel .

Thus they can organize land-based tours of the Galapagos which are ideal for families both in terms of being more economical than the cruises, and in that they offer more flexibility for children to be able to move around in the evenings without being confined on a relatively small boat.

Yanapuma Spanish School can help create the perfect itinerary for any family from one week and upwards, combining various elements that allow families to explore the rich cultural and biological diversity of Ecuador, learn some Spanish, and return home with a new perspective on their own culture and lives.